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WunderBag™ Wet/Dry
Vac Bags

Dust and water combined make for a huge mess. Wet/Dry vac bags from Dustless Tools give you the power to clean up and dispose of the toughest messes safely and conveniently. Designed to be tough enough for professional use, our multi-use shop vac bags are helpful whether you're at the construction site or home. WunderBag™ wet/dry vac bags also feature HEPA filtration technology that keeps potentially toxic debris out of the air. Available in various sizes to suit your needs and nearly all vacuum cleaners, WunderBag™ shop vac bags will be the last you'll ever need to buy.

Eliminate Odors and Hassles at Home

For home use, WunderBag™ wet/dry vac bags are the perfect solution for eliminating odors and the hassle of emptying and disposing of messes with a shop vac. WunderBag™ is extremely durable, so you won't have to put up with rips and spills on your way to the dumpster. 

HEPA-strength filtration will help keep odors inside your wet/dry shop vac bags and out of your home. Stronger bags mean your shop vac's storage area remains cleaner, and odors don't linger long after finishing the job.

4-7 Gal WunderBag™ 2pk
12-18 Gal WunderBag™ 2pk

Various Sizes For All Vacs and Needs

We understand that one size doesn't fit all regarding wet/dry vac bags. That's why we offer various sizes to suit your cleaning needs. Whether tackling a small DIY project or managing a large-scale construction site, we have a solution for you. From 4-gallon wet/dry vac bags to 16-gallon options and more, our selection ensures you can find the perfect fit for your vacuum.

What sets our wet/dry vac bags apart is their versatility. Compatible with most brands of shop vacs, including our own, they offer a universal solution for your cleanup needs. This means you can rely on our bags to deliver exceptional performance, regardless of the vacuum you use. With our wet/dry vac bags, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're investing in a quality product that does the hard work for you.

Our online store streamlines the shopping process for our customers by offering a comprehensive range of cleanup solutions in one place. Instead of scouring multiple websites or stores for the right products, you can find everything you need here. From wet/dry vac bags to filters, accessories, and more, we're your one-stop shop for all your cleanup needs.

When Are Wet/Dry Vac Bags Necessary?

Wet/dry shop vac bags are unparalleled in versatility in maintaining cleanliness and efficiency. These bags are designed to collect and contain various types of debris, including dust, dirt, liquid spills, and even larger particles.

Wet/dry shop vac bags securely hold collected waste and prevent it from clogging the vacuum's internal components. Shop vac bags that can handle wet and dry debris ensure your vacuum will perform optimally with an extended lifespan.

Using disposable wet/dry vac bags also simplifies the cleanup process. Simply remove and discard the filled bag, minimizing contact with the collected waste and reducing the risk of airborne particles. Our WunderBag™ 4 gallon wet/dry vac bags and 16 gal wet/dry vac bags are durable and will keep debris securely contained.

Scenarios when wet/dry vac bags will make cleaning easier and safer include:

Construction Sites

Renovation Projects 

Workshop & Garage

Water Damage

Janitorial & Cleaning


Pet Accidents

Outdoor Cleanup

Event Cleanup

WunderBag™ Wet/Dry Vac Bags Features

WunderBag™ wet/dry shop vac bags feature our unique pre-filter technology. Maintain the cleanliness of your work area and the longevity of your shop vac with superior dust, debris, or slurry filtration down to 0.5 microns. 

WunderBags™ are also available with HEPA-rated filtration down to 0.3 microns. HEPA filtration eliminates as much as 99.97% of particles from the air and keeps your shop vac's filter and motors clean. 

WunderBag™ also features a flexible gasket compatible with vacuum ports ranging from 2 to 2 3/4 inches in diameter. The versatile gasket allows you to use our wet/dry vac bags with any Dustless vacuum or most brands of shop vacs. The gaskets also have a sealable cap to act as a first layer of containment of any potentially hazardous dust or slurry. The sealable cap makes disposal a breeze.

Order Wet/Dry Vac Bags Now

You'll encounter various messes at home or on the job site. Wunderbag™ wet/dry vac bags are designed for increased efficiency and productivity, allowing you to tackle any mess with ease and safety. Our wet/dry shop vac bags come in various sizes and fit most shop vacs. Go Dustless and order wet/dry vac bags online, or find Dustless Tools products near you.

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The dust collection systems

Dustless makes the most universal and most cost-effective dust collection systems on the market. No need to replace your existing tools!

Most effective tools dust collection

Creates Dust

Hand grinders, saws, drills, and other construction tools create large volumes of dust. This dust is harmful to your lungs, timely to clean up, and in many cases, required by law to be contained. Your tool can't solve all these issues alone.

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Diverts Dust

A shroud is a device that creates a controlled path for dust to travel. Once attached to your tool and vacuum, they work together to control dust generation. Each Dustless Systems shroud is designed with a universal mount that fits most major types of tool.

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Collects Dust

Our Dustless Vacs are vacuums that were made with construction in mind. Every Dustless Vac is an essential part of a Dustless System. Every Dustless Vac provides superior levels of filtration and comes with a three year warranty.

FAQs for Dustless Shop Vac

Wet/dry shop vacs can suction away both solid particles and liquids, which makes for the highest efficiency possible. The versatility and robust performance offered by this kind of shop vac make it a must-have for a variety of cleaning projects. It is a powerful machine that offers more functionality for a wide range of tasks, meaning residential and commercial customers alike can benefit from its features. You can utilize it indoors and outdoors no matter the extent of the job with this kind of high-suction shop vac. Whether you’re unclogging drains and sinks, clearing away leaves from your yard, or working on a HEPA-level job requiring superior vacuum capabilities, a wet and dry shop vacuum is exactly what you’re looking for. Take advantage of the ease of use that comes with a Dustless shop vac so you can clean in and around your property with no hassles.

A wet and dry vac is a type of shop vac, which, as the name suggests, can clean up liquids and solids all in one go. These types of vacuums stand out from others and are considered high-performing machines capable of handling even the most difficult of cleaning tasks. They are designed to make any job more manageable with its powerful suction and ability to capture debris. Its filtration system keeps potentially harmful particles from being released into the air. The average shop vac isn’t typically built for this kind of heavy-duty functionality and is limited in that it may not meet the necessary HEPA standards for certain projects. Dustless makes robust products using the latest vacuum technologies so that you can take care of a range of residential and commercial cleaning tasks. For these reasons, wet/dry shop vacs outdo basic shop vacs, particularly when it comes to their ease of use and versatility. If you’re going to buy a vacuum, the better investment is a wet and dry shop vac due to its multipurpose benefits.

High-suction shop vacs require filters when performing dry cleaning tasks in which solids need to be captured and sealed away to stop them from being emitted into the air. A filter is meant to trap debris, dust, and other fine particles while preventing clogs and facilitating airflow. It also prevents the debris from entering the vacuum’s other internal components, causing wear and tear. It must be placed correctly; otherwise dust will be blown out the top while it’s in operation. However, while in use for wet cleaning tasks, the filter must be removed completely, or else the moisture can cause damage to the filter itself.

Other Products Related to HEPA Vacuums

8-10 Gal HEPA WunderBag 2 pk

  • Universal opeining fits most major brand of 8-10 gallon Shop vacuums to add superior filtration
  • Sealable cap locks securely in place, keeping particles contained for safe disposal
  • The HEPA Wunderbag is made of HEPA material that filters down to 0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency
  • Capable of holding 30 pounds of wet or dry debris
  • Flexible gasket easily accepts vauum ports ranging from 2 to 2 3/4 inches in diameter
  • Retains its strength and fitration while vacuuming water and slurry
  • Sealable cap compliant "fist layer of containment" for hazardouos dust, put in trash bag and dispose
  • NOTE: The HEPA Wunderbag DOES NOT make your vacuum HEPA certified by any regulatory standards