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Dustless Accessories and Equipment

Dustless Technologies makes a variety of equipment and accessories to extend and enhance the use of our dust collection systems. Shop attachments, filters, abrasive products, and more to find the precise equipment you need to properly execute your work. Our additional equipment and accessories help you keep workspaces and other areas clean and dust-free.

The Benefits of Dustless Accessories and Equipment

Dustless Technologies understands the importance of creating a safe work environment, and whether for commercial or personal use, our equipment and accessories collect and contain the dust generated during work. We facilitate the best work practices with a full accompaniment of accessories for all Dustless equipment. Each accessory and piece of additional equipment we manufacture for our tools supports, better collects, and manages unwanted dust that results from everyday work. When used with any of our Dustless vacuums and shrouds, each accessory complies with OSHA's silica rule and other regulations.

What Equipment and Accessories Does Dustless Make?

Your vacuum is one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal, and whether for commercial or personal application, Dustless Technologies has accessories that enhance the usage of your vacuum. Our accessories and equipment are designed with a universal and seamless fit that works with most brands of tools. Universal fit means that you don’t have to replace any of your existing equipment, saving you money.

High-Quality Vacuum Accessories

  • Our accessories include vacuum attachments that enable you to get into every nook and cranny, creating a truly dustless environment.
  • Our hoses extend the reach of your vacuum and allow you greater mobility as you work.
  • Dustless has created a line of abrasive sanding papers for our sander, providing a seamless fit.
  • Our cuffs produce an air-tight bond, so there is no air loss or lack of suction, allowing your vacuum to power through any job.
  • Filters are an essential part of our dustless process, and we have the type of filter you need no matter the job you’re undertaking.
  • Our array of Dustless shrouds and dust containment tools comply with OSHA requirements.

Whether for commercial or personal use, we have the equipment and attachments you need. Dustless Technologies creates an array of dust containment tools that are essential for construction companies, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers.

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Dustless Attachments

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Dustless Technologies creates an array of attachments that are essential for construction companies, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers. Our line of additional equipment and accessories helps you keep workspaces and other areas clean and dust-free.

Dustless Cuffs and Adapters

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Our line of cuffs and adapters ensures the seal and bond on your attachments are seamless and strong. Our HEPA shop vacs and wet+dry vacuums are powerful enough to take on any job you need and trap, liquid dust and debris, and our cuffs provide the sure fit on which you can count.

Dustless Hoses

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We have designed our hoses to withstand years of wear and hard use. Each hose attachment is kink-proof and crush-proof and unravels easily. Dustless Technologies created our hoses with the end-user in mind, so they are not only highly effective, they are easy to use. With Dustless, there is no more fighting with your vacuum hose.

Dustless Abrasives and Sandpaper

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Sandpaper is a staple for any commercial construction and creative company, as well as most homes. Whether found in a toolbox or backyard, sanding abrasives are used to smooth out surfaces. Dustless Technologies has sandpaper that seamlessly fits our sanding tool.

Dustless Filters and Vacuum Bags

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Dustless Technologies has a full line of HEPA vacuum filters and bags that work in conjunction with our point-of-contact dust shrouds. The use of our technology together ensures that our equipment complies with current guidelines and regulations set forth by the EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for commercial and personal use.

EPA, RRP, OSHA, & NIOSH compliance

Create a safe jobsite that protects the health of you and your employees! Comply with hazardous dust control rules on construction sites. Dustless systems either meet the standard set forth in Table-1 of OSHA's new silica standard or meet compliance through objective data.

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High-Performance Dustless Accessories and Equipment

Dustless Technologies manufactures the most effective and affordable dust collection system in the industry. Dust, debris, and other particulates are difficult to clean up and involve a lengthy process. We have designed each Dustless accessory with a universal mount that fits most major brands of tools. Dustless Technologies has the most significant impact on keeping your workplace clean, tidy, and free from hazardous airborne particulates.

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