Safe Ash Removal

Dustless Ash Vacuums

Dustless started with the need for an effective way to empty a fireplace. Today we are still producing the safest and most reliable fireplace and pellet stove vacuum on the market.

The Dustless Ash Vacuum - The Flagship Vacuum

These are the ultimate Ash Vac systems for quietly removing warm and cold ash from your home. Ideal for fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, and BBQs, the Ash Vacuum makes clean-up easy and dust-free. The patented filter system is designed to filter the finest ash particles, and the sealed design will never leak ash through the exhaust. The fireproof 6-gallon canister holds ashes, so you don't need to buy vacuum bags. Quiet, easy, and no-mess clean-up.

Ash Vacuums

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The Dust Collection Systems

Our scraper vacuum attachment has a sharp blade so that it’s easier than ever to peel away layers of debris from floors, walls, and other surfaces. It’s compatible with our 18” hose and powerful Dustless HEPA Vac for a total mess-free system that makes working on projects a more precise and efficient task. In addition, you can conveniently add some replacement blades to your order for future use. Ours is the only tool you need to use when you’re scraping away materials because it gives you a good grip and is lightweight enough to hold for extended periods of time. Eliminate project cleanup by collecting scraps automatically at the source, which means no more sweeping or picking up debris by hand. Dustless Technologies makes the most universal and cost-effective dust collection systems on the market. No need to replace your existing tools!

Creates Dust

Hand grinders, saws, drills, and other construction tools create large volumes of dust. This dust is harmful to your lungs, timely to clean up, and in many cases, required by law to be contained. Your tool can't solve all these issues alone.

Diverts Dust

A shroud is a device that creates a controlled path for the dust to travel. Once it’s attached to your tool and vacuum, it helps to control dust generation. Each Dustless Systems shroud is designed with a universal mount that fits most major types of tools.

Collects Dust

Our Dustless Vacs were made with construction in mind. Every Dustless Vac is an essential part of a Dustless System. Every Dustless Vac provides superior levels of filtration and comes with a three-year warranty.

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