Dustless Wet + Dry Vacuums

The Dustless Wet + Dry Vacuum is great for capturing fine dust from drywall sanding, grinding, and cutting of concrete, brick, stone, or fiberglass. Our high-performance Wet Dry Vacs provide powerful suction and intense durability that stand up to whatever the job site throws at you.

Hard Working Wet & Dry Vacuums

The patented Dustless Wet Dry Vacs have a powerful 130 CFM motor, a 16-gallon capacity, and allow you to go from wet to dry without switching filters. A baffle inside the barrel keeps the water away from the filters, and a check ball prevents overfilling, making it better than other shop vacs on the market today.

The patented filtration system of the Dustless Wet Dry Vacs allows you to clean the filters without opening the barrel for a more dust-free work environment. These vacuums provide extremely high-performance results. The disposable and tear-resistant WunderBag™ micro pre-filter shop vacuum bag captures particles down to .5 microns.

Get A Vacuum that Does the Job

Wet & dry vacuum cleaners are incredibly versatile and can handle many tasks at home, in the office, and on the work site. Situations like unblocking clogged sink drains, vacuuming carpets, damp or otherwise, removing dust and debris, and cleaning up large spills.

The Dustless Wet + Dry Vac is an excellent all-around cleaner because it's a piece of versatile equipment with attachments that can accomplish a wide range of tasks. In addition, those who take on home improvement tasks or DIY projects would benefit from a wet & dry vacuum to quickly clean up debris, dirt, sawdust, or paint spillages.

A high-quality wet and dry vacuum sucks up heavy, solid dirt, debris and moisture, liquid, or wet messes. Like standard vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuums have locking hoses and extension wands. Dustless also produces various attachments to suit your task, so no matter the job or size of the mess, our wet and dry vac fits the bill. Dustless Technologies Wet + Dry Vacs are significantly more powerful than standard vacuums with a separate airflow motor.

Clean Up The Worst Messes with a Dustless Wet + Dry Vac

Dustless Technologies specializes in high-powered vacuums and manual equipment and makes universal and cost-effective dust collection systems. Our products keep workspaces and other areas free of dust and debris. We help you create a safe job site that protects the health of those in the area. The array of Dustless tools complies with hazardous dust control rules, so whether for commercial or personal use, we have the equipment and attachments you need.

The outer filter fabric cover, filter, and micro pre-filter on our Wet + Dry Vac capture particles down to .5 microns. Additionally, the baffle wall forces all water and debris down into the bottom of the canister, and the check ball prevents water from rising into the fabric filters and motor housing.

Our unique Dustless Wet + Dry Vacuum lines help keep construction, painting, renovation, flooring, automotive, marine, and industrial projects dust-free. With our robust distribution network of dealers, distributors, and hardware stores, we provide innovative dust and slurry control solutions worldwide.

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Trust Dustless- Get Your New Wet + Dry Vac Today

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a versatile cleaning appliance that removes dry dust and is ideal for removing wet spills. Wet and dry vacuums are most widely used to clean up liquids and moisture. Cleaning wet messes can be challenging, whether it's in a home, a shop, or a construction site. Cleaning wet spills will be a manageable task with the help of a Dustless wet and dry vacuum cleaner. However, ensure that you clean up the machine immediately after you have cleaned a liquid spill.

Dustless Technologies has the right equipment for you, whether on a construction site or in the home. We have engineered each item to fit your existing tools and machinery seamlessly. Our dustless shrouds and vacuum attachments cut down on cleanup and respiratory problems.

The Dust Collection Systems

Our scraper vacuum attachment has a sharp blade so that it’s easier than ever to peel away layers of debris from floors, walls, and other surfaces. It’s compatible with our 18” hose and powerful Dustless HEPA Vac for a total mess-free system that makes working on projects a more precise and efficient task. In addition, you can conveniently add some replacement blades to your order for future use. Ours is the only tool you need to use when you’re scraping away materials because it gives you a good grip and is lightweight enough to hold for extended periods of time. Eliminate project cleanup by collecting scraps automatically at the source, which means no more sweeping or picking up debris by hand. Dustless Technologies makes the most universal and cost-effective dust collection systems on the market. No need to replace your existing tools!

Creates Dust

Hand grinders, saws, drills, and other construction tools create large volumes of dust. This dust is harmful to your lungs, timely to clean up, and in many cases, required by law to be contained. Your tool can't solve all these issues alone.

Diverts Dust

A shroud is a device that creates a controlled path for the dust to travel. Once it’s attached to your tool and vacuum, it helps to control dust generation. Each Dustless Systems shroud is designed with a universal mount that fits most major types of tools.

Collects Dust

Our Dustless Vacs were made with construction in mind. Every Dustless Vac is an essential part of a Dustless System. Every Dustless Vac provides superior levels of filtration and comes with a three-year warranty.

Shop Vac Customer Reviews

“I bought this to be an EPA HEPA-compliant vacuum for cleaning up dust and funk at job sites. I don't particularly like the color, but it works great! I have no worries about working and using this in a space where I am breathing—no ill effects like a regular shop vac that pollutes your air. Clean up mold, rat poo, lead dust, and other nastiness with a long-lasting bag. The name of the game here is surface area—the bags are huge. I got the extra long hose with it—excellent quality. You can be far away, and it sucks it all up. Clogs happen at the end of the hose where you work, so it is fast and easy to clear.”

- Anonymous Customer

“I bought the Dustless Technologies for some renovations that I am doing that require me to deal with lead paint dust. The HEPA filter captures dust particles down to a minimum filtration efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns. It was worth it for me to spend the money to have an EPA-certified vacuum. In the last couple of years, it has become law that you have to disclose anything that you know about lead in your house to prospective buyers or renters. I am using this product and others as well in my documentation of our lead removal and encapsulation project. It is worth it to buy this vacuum to help remove lead dust from your home and to reassure new buyers and renters that you took care of the problem in the most efficient way.

The vacuum works great! With the Dustless pre-filter bag, I couldn't even see any dust in the container after filling up half the bag. When dealing with wet or sticky paint, the inside of the hose will tend to get coated with the gunk. The hose is super maneuverable and flexible but does need to be cleaned well when dealing with sticky paint chips or dust.

You might think that you can get away with using a regular shop vac, but they are not designed to capture particles as small as lead particles, and they get blown out the back of the vac and into the air, where they are very dangerous. Always make sure that you are wetting the surface when dealing with lead paint removal. Gel chemical strippers work well to keep the dust down if you sand; wet sand. Use a respirator and keep that dust out of the air.”

- D. Gallahue

FAQs for Dustless Shop Vac

Wet/dry shop vacs can suction away both solid particles and liquids, which makes for the highest efficiency possible. The versatility and robust performance offered by this kind of shop vac make it a must-have for a variety of cleaning projects. It is a powerful machine that offers more functionality for a wide range of tasks, meaning residential and commercial customers alike can benefit from its features. You can utilize it indoors and outdoors no matter the extent of the job with this kind of high-suction shop vac. Whether you’re unclogging drains and sinks, clearing away leaves from your yard, or working on a HEPA-level job requiring superior vacuum capabilities, a wet and dry shop vacuum is exactly what you’re looking for. Take advantage of the ease of use that comes with a Dustless shop vac so you can clean in and around your property with no hassles.

A wet and dry vac is a type of shop vac, which, as the name suggests, can clean up liquids and solids all in one go. These types of vacuums stand out from others and are considered high-performing machines capable of handling even the most difficult of cleaning tasks. They are designed to make any job more manageable with its powerful suction and ability to capture debris. Its filtration system keeps potentially harmful particles from being released into the air. The average shop vac isn’t typically built for this kind of heavy-duty functionality and is limited in that it may not meet the necessary HEPA standards for certain projects. Dustless makes robust products using the latest vacuum technologies so that you can take care of a range of residential and commercial cleaning tasks. For these reasons, wet/dry shop vacs outdo basic shop vacs, particularly when it comes to their ease of use and versatility. If you’re going to buy a vacuum, the better investment is a wet and dry shop vac due to its multipurpose benefits.

High-suction shop vacs require filters when performing dry cleaning tasks in which solids need to be captured and sealed away to stop them from being emitted into the air. A filter is meant to trap debris, dust, and other fine particles while preventing clogs and facilitating airflow. It also prevents the debris from entering the vacuum’s other internal components, causing wear and tear. It must be placed correctly; otherwise dust will be blown out the top while it’s in operation. However, while in use for wet cleaning tasks, the filter must be removed completely, or else the moisture can cause damage to the filter itself.