CutBuddie LT 6"

SKU: D0730


  • Effective dust collection at point of origin, meeting OSHA Table 1 compliance
  • Universal Fit for 4-6" hand grinders and up to 6" cutting blades
  • Economic unibody construction achieved through streamlined engineering
  • Durable and lightweight polycarbonate material
  • Front plunge nose stabilizes initial cutting
  • Direct line of sight to blade
  • Multi-Adapter options include 1.25"/1.5" dual diameter port and stepped adapter
  • Manufactured in the USA

About this product

Features & Specs

The CutBuddie LT is an economical cutting shroud, made in the USA that is designed to be a universal fit for most 4-6" hand grinders, allow blades up to 6", and have an adjustable cutting depth up to 1.75". The streamlined unibody construction maintains line of sight and is engineered with a smooth rolling nose to maintain stability while initiating cuts.








90 Day

Port Size

1 1/4 ID, 1 1/2 OD

Technical Specs

  • Adjustable depth up to 1.75" (if using a 6" blade)
  • Direct line of sight to blade
  • Durable and lightweight polycarbonate material

Additional information

Weight1.4 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 3.75 × 9.75 in

Included with this product

  • (1) Shroud
  • (1) Spacer Kit
  • (1) Arbor Adapter
  • (1) Stepped Adapter

Product Videos

Installation & Setup

Installation and Setup

  • Place shroud on grinder and tighten band clamp
  • Install and center cutting blade
  • Install vacuum hose