DustBull & Universal MountingKit

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  • Dust shroud is designed for gas-powered concrete saws used for cutting hardscaping materials.
  • 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards Winner, Dust Collection Shroud Category
  • Compatible with most gas-powered concrete saws and can effectively capture up to 90% of dust.
  • Constructed from durable aluminum and features rubber feet to safeguard the work surface.
  • Comes with a universal mounting kit featuring a bungee for convenient transportation.
  • Connect to vacuum hose with 2" soft hose cuff.
  • For full containment, a 260 CFM vacuum system is required.
  • Adheres to the OSHA Silica Rule when used with objective data.
  • **The Dust Bull was awarded the 2018 Pro Tool Innovation award for its Dust Collection Shrouds.**

About this product

Features & Specs

The Dustless Dust Bull is designed to capture and contain dust from concrete saws, a crucial tool for cutting through slabs, walls, or other structures. It fits most gas-powered cut-off saws and comes with a bolt kit. The Dust Bull promotes a cleaner and safer work environment, improving overall job site efficiency. By reducing the dust particles in the air, the Dust Bull helps minimize respiratory issues and potential health hazards for workers. Additionally, its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable investment for contractors and construction professionals. Dustless Technologies Shrouds are designed to help users comply with occupational safety regulations put in place by OSHA.















Port Size


Technical Specs

  • Wide mouth captures dust directly from blade
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Industrial bungee for safe transport

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions20 × 10 × 10 in

Included with this product

  • (1) DustBull
  • (1) Universal Mounting Bracket
  • (1) Bolt Kit

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This is a sophisticated American-made product.
Popular Mechanics
It will pay for itself on the first job, NO DUST TO CLEAN.
Handyman Club of America

Installation & Setup

Installation and Setup

  • Attach bracket to the saw
  • Secure with one bolt
  • Hook up your dust shroud to your vacuum system